24 01 2010

4. Architecture Personal Statement

Architecture is a natural choice for me. I love the thrill of solving a problem in maths, physics and everyday life. I do this with an imagination and enthusiasm that has propelled me to two terms as a Student Council member acting as Public Relations Officer and Vice Chairperson where I promoted and lead the development of a student voice in the school environment. These qualities and an insatiable drive have brought me academic success and fulfilment

My spare time for many years has been filled with thousands of art classes, from watercolour to mixed media. This passion for art and design has also lead me to great experiences in editing and designing the Transition Year yearbook, developing a theme, poster, ticket and set design for our annual fashion show and work experience with a graphic design company giving me real and practical knowledge of the commercial creative process

In architecture I find the opportunity to express and develop these strengths and abilities

Ireland is a country littered by abandoned dwellings and these spur my interest in complementary design and construction in renovation while my life close to the land inspires an interest in alternative techniques such as straw bale. To build a structure worthy of Frank Geary out of turf blocks would be a dream

As a member of the executive of a local charity, SHARE, which provides homes for the elderly I have been involved in research for our latest complex with the aim of providing the residents with best available safety features and an interior that is sensitive to their needs while retaining the warmth and sense of community in what are, after all, their homes. In groups we visited other similar facilities and reported back on the best features of each to the architects of the complex

The want the time spent studying in a British university to broaden my horizons, provide me with the skills required not only to work within an experienced team but to build my own practice.




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