24 01 2010

9. Chemical Engineering personal statement

I have great interest in questions such as “How do you convert raw materials into useful products through the application of chemistry on a large scale, or more accurately, how to create and operate facilities relating to the manufacture of commodities essential for modern everyday life, in a safe efficient and environmentally friendly manner?” Questions such as these were triggered at a younger age by issues such as the origins of plastics, and how they are extracted, and produced. I am currently reading into the subject in my spare time. “Chemical Engineering and Industrial Processes” by the BP educational service, which currently provides a very useful insight into some of the challenges facing a chemical engineer, from Concepts of design to Industrial processes.

Studying maths mechanics is helping me develop my numeric skills, which I believe combined with chemistry, will help me greatly with Chemical Engineering. My studies of economics, combined with my subscription to the FT through the school library, have helped me to keep up to date with current affairs. This includes recent events in the petrochemical industry. More recently, following some research, I have become very interested in the concept of supercritical solvents, which is an area I hope to explore more in later life. It is because I find chemistry so fascinating and the idea of chemical engineering so appealing that I have chosen to follow chemical engineering as a future career path.
I have thoroughly enjoyed studying the flute, piano, and singing, achieving grades five, six, and eight respectively in each of those instruments; I have also learned to play the organ. Having often led the services in my local parish by playing the flute and piano, I feel that I am confident when participating in public performances. I have been a dedicated member in several school bands, orchestras and choirs, performing in concerts and musicals, throughout my school life.

I am an enthusiastic cyclist, cycling at least once daily. My cycling trips have allowed me to see much of central London, which, cannot be appreciated by car or bus. I have also enjoyed classes in Taekwondo, in which I have achieved a yellow belt. Reading is a hobby, which I greatly enjoy, J.R.R. Tolkien, Garth Nix, Paul Davies and Ian M. Banks being among my favourite authors. I am also developing an interest in psychology, after having read Prometheus Rising, which captivated me because it gave accurate insights into human behaviour. I am planning to follow this by reading the sequel, the Illuminatus! Trilogy. I also have a strong affinity for chess, which, following my enrolment in the school chess club has helped me tackle problems in a more logical and strategic attitude. In addition helping the younger members of the club has allowed me to develop coaching skills.

At School, I have been a prefect for a first form class and take responsibility for them at certain times during the school day. I have also regularly visited Fulham Primary School, a local school that has many young children who do not speak English as a first language where I assist the teachers with their classes, helping individuals with problems. I am planning to attend a number of mathematical debates later this year held in central London by the ________ society. I am also a regular attendant at my school’s Debating Society, which I believe has helped me develop a more critical mind, and has helped me structure my arguments in a clearer manner, and develop my team-working skills. Another society, which I am involved in, is the Newman Society, which has held some very interesting talks from public figures, including historians and politicians. I was awarded the first prize in a literary competition for poetry in my year. One especially enjoying and fulfilling experience was the Ballroom dancing class, which was run by the school. We have learned the Cha, Jive, Waltz, Tango and Salsa.

I intend to defer entry to university for a year in order to travel to New Zealand and Italy, where I hope to gain both valuable work experience, and improve my grasp of Italian culture and language, in which I am already fluent. I look forward to this experience and also to the rewards and challenges of higher education.




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