24 01 2010

13. Drama Personal Statement

I’m now in my third year at Fakenham College looking for that secluded grade. I’ve completed an A-Level in drama with amazing grades in performances and coursework. I am studying chemistry and biology at A-Level. My family have a great science tradition, so by taking these courses I can get a word in at the dinner table. I have also taken up a film Studies course, I enjoy this subject as it looks at various films and delves into the technological aspects of the films making

In drama in year 13, we performed two live performances to an audience. The first of the year was a self-devised piece working with four other candidates named ‘Face Value’. As I helped write the performance, it really gave a feeling of gratification

The second performance was, ‘Blood Wedding’ by Lorca. A daunting task to say the least. But the text worked amazingly and I went really well. The most important thing is that we had a laugh whilst rehearsing. I really enjoy the whole process leading up to the opening night. Even though the theatre company I am currently a member of, won an award when we performed ‘The Pirates of Penzance’, completing ‘Blood Wedding’ with such a good grade would be the most awarding play I’ve done

Outside of academic affairs my life is dominated by work and play. I have a permanent part-time job at a reputable restaurant as a barperson/waiter. Having bar work experience will benefit me greatly in the future as I have emerged a respected glass cleaner. I am a dedicated member of my local operatic society for the past 8 years performing such plays as ‘South Pacific’, ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and ‘The Pirates of Penzance’. Within the society, I either act in the show, work backstage, operate a spotlight or do front of house. If I’m not in the show, I’ll help. I have done many performances with the school and college, the first when I was aged 12 was ‘Brilliant the Dinosaur’, that set me up for a life on the stage. Other musicals were ‘Grease’, ‘Oliver’ and most recently ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’, where I played Captain Tempest. I got the opportunity to work for a day on the film set of a BBC drama set at Wayborne Station in Norfolk

The program is set in 1914 wartime; I was an extra as a WW1 soldier. A very hot day but I enjoyed it, a fantastic experience. As a family we recently went to France on a town twinning exchange and I was regularly the life and sole of the party, singing and break-dancing to provide the evenings entertainment. A welcome distraction is my guitar, which I have recently taken up. I enjoy learning new songs, especially from the ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ era. For the Jubilee celebrations I did a live performance in my local church, impersonating, ‘The King’, singing and playing ‘Blue Suede Shoes’. I love listening to music of all genres. My new commitment to a Film Studies course has inspired me to watch a lot more films with critical analysis. When I am 100% fit, I enjoy playing a range of sports, mainly cricket, football and rugby. I regularly cycle to work, which is only a few miles down the road. I’m also a keen swimmer and enjoy a game of badminton. Though I am a sucker for the racecourse. I’m a keen horse rider, though I have little time for my passion, I would love to continue riding, and would hope to become a member of as many sports teams as possible, not to inhibit my studies of course. But to keep fit, I have taken up the art of boxing, which should be carefully thought of before entering.




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